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The Francigena Trail is not just a cycling experience but also a moment of solidarity and sharing.

Linked to the event there is a charity program that aims to support Parent Project aps , an association that brings together patients and parents with children affected by Duchenne and Becker muscular dystrophy.


By registering on the Francigena Trail, participants will make a donation to Parent Project to finance the support activities for the families and children of the association.


Parent Project aps is a project that brings together the parents of children with Duchenne and Becker muscular dystrophy, a rare genetic disease. It was born in Italy in 1996 with the aim of supporting families, financing scientific research and promoting global care that improves the quality of life of patients. The association carries out legal and psychological consultancy services, training meetings dedicated to the entire Duchenne Community, services in support of new families. Thanks to the activities carried out by the Duchenne Listening Center and the Scientific Area, also in collaboration with other associations, today it plays an increasingly important role in the development of socio-health programs organized by public, national and local bodies and by the health system.


In Italy it represents about 600 families and works for the entire Duchenne Community which includes over 25,000 people including patients, families, specialists, researchers, therapists, institutions, health workers, socio-health workers, schools, civic organizations. Through the presence on the territory of the regional offices of the CAD, it has built an information network that allows to organize and / or strengthen some specific territorial services that interest / involve not only the associated families but the entire "social environment" in which they live.

Parent Project aps works to promote, throughout the territory, the development of a culture shared by all the social partners (patients, institutions, citizens) on the subject of pathology, of the problems that characterize them based on age and the results achieved both in the clinical and scientific fields. This commitment is achieved through an information and awareness-raising activity capable of reaching an increasing number of people interested and involved in the issues of disability, the right to care, patient care, the social role of the association and corporate responsibility.

It is possible to receive information on the activities of Parent Project aps through the website, the toll-free number 800 943 333, by writing to or by calling 06 66182811.

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